Re: Calling system() from a GTK+ callback

"David C. Hoos, Sr." <david c hoos sr ada95 com> writes:
> I probably should have specified that the callback is from a menu
> item produced with a structure declared as:

Hmmm.  I tried adding your get_main_menu() function to the example code I
sent before, and the callback still seemed to work, so I think your menu
code is fine.

Does your program work if you use my example callback() function instead
of your real one?  If so, could you please mail your callback code; if
not, could you describe any signal handling (Unix signals particularly,
but also GTK+ signals) or file descriptor manipulation the rest of your
program does?

  Gary Wong    Consultant, Dependable Distributed Computing, AT&T Shannon Labs
        gtw research att com  

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