gtk-config and SUSE 6.4


I am trying to install a program called Gradebook which needs 
gtk+.  It's configure gives the error no gtk libraries or headers found 
and when following their suggetion (locate gtk-config and set the 
path to it) I cannot find gtk-config.  I loaded gtk+ using yast on 
SUSE 6.4 and updated to GTK1.2.8 using rpm with no success.

Any suggestions. Thanks

Dave Schwellenbach
schwell acad cc whecn edu 
| Dave Schwellenbach          | Dave Schwellenbach       |
|schwell acad cc whecn edu    | Casper College           |
|                             | 125 College Drive        |
|voice (307)268-2064          | Casper, WY 82601         |
|                             |                          |

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