Re: Text Resizing

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Meghal Harish Varia wrote:


 Use GtkLabel, and enable wrapping for it (gtk_label_set_line_wrap()).

> Hi,
> I have some text that I want to dynamically generate and then paste in a
> rectangle in my application.  My application is allowed to resize, and so
> the rectangle and thus the text should also resize.  Having the rectangle
> expand is easy enough, but I was wondering if there was anyway of
> "appropriately" changing the text size to fit the rectangle.
> By "appropriately", I mean controlling the width and height of the text,
> rather than its font size (since font size is not measured in pixels - I
> think).
> Please let me know, and thanks in advance,
> Meghal

 Best regards,

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