Re: GTKCombo and Multiple selections?

I recall seeing a more generic combo-box widget in the gnumeric
source code.  You might want to take a look at it.  If I remember
correctly, it's a pretty "light-weight" container... allowing the
client code to specify the widget for the popdown as well as for
the "entry" spot.  I think they use it for popdowns in the toolbar.


Leeman Strout wrote:

Would there be a way to get the GTKCombo to allow multiple items to be
selected from the list?   I have managed to embed a CList into the
drop-down, however due to the Combo button behavior (any single button
press re-hides the drop-down) it is a pain to work with.

The primary thing I am looking for here is a drop-down scrollable list of
items to choose from where any number of them can be selected at the same

Any suggestions would be appreciated as well.

Leeman Strout
alaric portone com

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