Re: X-connection after a fork

On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Conrad Steenberg wrote:

> Hi
> I have a GTK app that wants to fork off a child process, which is also a
> GTK app. Of course the child process uses the parent's connection to the X
> server, and makes everything blow up because X doesn't like that :-)
> Calling gtk_main_quit() in the child process, and then gtk_init again
> doesn't do the trick. Can anyone enlighten me on how to get a separate
> connection to X for the child process? (Forking before the first gtk_init
> is unfortunately not an option :-(
> Conrad
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Hello, I had the same problem, It seems that all the chid process has
acces to the pathers memory, and when the child process dies all this
memory is free by the child process. 
When I did the same question the answer was "use the call _exit", this
call doesn't free the memory when the process dies.

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