RE Gtk Developer Network site

Hi all

A small project team, mostly students, are developing a set of services for
generic developer networks. One of the project I have launched is a GTK+
Developer Network. This is a pre-beta announcement of the project and I
would like some feedback on the idea and the web site.

The site is, currently, located at and is
basically operational. Feel free to visit it and browse around a bit.

We are looking for comments, criticisms and some information. Firstly, we
need to develop a breakdown of the groupings of the information, so
suggestions for topics are requested. Secondly, we will be pulling the
articles from several sources, but mainly the gtk-list and gtk-devel-list
mailing lists, editing the messages into an article once the problem has
been solved and then publishing this. Credit will obviously be given to the
people who posted the messages. Any suggestions or comments on this will
also be welcome.

Lastly, we want to know what services we should be adding to the system in
the future.

Thanks for your time and patience.

Bruce A. Smith
(developer, network engineer, troubleshooter, gofer... just about anything
you want me to do)
Tel: +27-41-504-3649
Fax: +27-41-504-3189
Email: bruces petech ac za

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