Combobox & popdown list focus weirdness

I've noticed that after a selection is made in the popdown list of the
combobox, if you manually set the entry with an item that is not in the list
the focus gets left in a weird state.  The next time you show the popdown list,
there is a hollow focus box left around whatever item you last selected.  You
can't click on the item to select it, but using the up down keys will clear
the focus box.

Is there some way to get around this behavior?  It seems that the GtkList
widget needs to keep track of focus and selections independently (to support
multiple/entended selections) but this seems to have the undesirable side
effect I'm noticing.  I tried doing a gtk_container_set_focus_child(container,
NULL) on the GtkList to clear the focus_child pointer but this didn't help.  I
also tried resetting the various GtkList fields to their original state (except
the *children pointer) but that didn't seem to help, either.

What I'd really like is to have the popdown list get reset to it's initial
state every time I show it - i.e. no items focused or selected, key navigation
starting at the first item in the list.  Anyone know how to accomplish this? 
So far the only sure way I've found to do it is to clear the list and add the
items again, which is not exactly the solution I'm looking for...


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