Re: proposal: handle middle/right clicks on arrows of scrollbarsdifferently

On Sun, Nov 12, 2000 at 03:32:43PM +0400, Vlad Harchev wrote:

> I think from GUI usability standpoint, it would be nice to extend
> the handling of right/middle clicks on scrollbar's arrows

I agree that the default scrollbar actions could be usefully
extended.  Here are the two extensions that I'd like to see added:

- Currently, pressing button 1 in the arrow at the bottom of a
  vertical scrollbar scrolls down.  I'd like to see this extended so
  that pressing button 2 scrolls up.  This would allow a window to be
  scrolled up and down without having to move the cursor from one end
  of the scrollbar to the other.  Similarly for the top, left, and
  right scrollbar arrows.

- Currently, dragging the slider in a vertical scrollbar with button 1
  scrolls vertically.  I'd like to see this extended so that dragging
  the slider in a scrollbar of either orientation with button 2 would
  effect the position of both scrollbars, allowing a window to be
  scrolled vertically and horizontally with a single mouse motion.

Since these are both extensions to the way things currently operate,
the user confusion factor of these changes should be minimal.

> Sorry, I don't have time to dig in the gtk sources and understand it
> to make a correct patch.

I could probably find the time to make these changes if I had some
assurance that they could eventually make their way into the mainline

-- John Kodis.

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