Re: gdk_input_add?

>First, if I run my prog and if the file is present, my function is
>launched and relaunch and relaunch ... etc (even if I delete the needed
>file and using the gdk_input_remove function)
>But, if run my prog and the file is not present, the function is not
>launched even if I create then needed file....

it sounds as if you are using gdk_input_add() with a disk file. this
is not its intended purpose. it is intended to allow a GDK program to
receive asynchronous events from sources like the X server
(i.e. keyboard, mouse, etc), FIFO's (for inter-process communication),
special device files, etc. Whenever input is available from such a
source, GDK will cause its main event loop to execute a handler
provided by the programmer to deal with the input. A disk file
*always* has input available, hence your situation.

what are you trying to accomplish ? it would be much more conventional
to use gtk_input_add() instead of the low-level gdk version anyway.


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