Re: Locale and fonts.

On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, Alexei Gromov wrote:

 Hi Alexey,

 File /etc/gtk/gtkrc.${LANG} defines default fontset used by gtk under that
 But you should add similar constructs to .gtkrc to override defaults. Gnome
Control Center edits it for example when you override font.

 I personally dumped fontset definitions from /etc/gtk/ since XLib
behaves very strange at allocating fonts in fontset (it seemed to me that
it's impossible to make fontset containing fonts  I needed - XLib was
loading some falbacks for unknown reason). So I use 'font' rather than
'fontset' keyword in my .gtkrc since it allows me to specify font precisely - 
but following this way you will encounter a nasty bug in gtk that will make 
all non-english words truncated in menus on buttons etc. Apply the appropriate 
patch from
and you'll get nicely and correctly working gtk.

> Hi, All.
> I want to know, what and where do I have to change to set the default font
> for different locales.
> If I don't set LANG and LC_CTYPE environment, then GTK applications
> (Gnapster, XMMS) are using one font. If I set the locale, then they are
> using another one. I would like to change the font they use. May be it is
> not a GTK question but locale... Can anyone help me with this?
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