Re: [gtk-list] Re: signals, objects, user_data and stuff.

>>>>> "M" == Martin Kestel <> writes:


 M> (just curious: is it LabView-like?)

Don't know LabView, so I wouldn't know.  It's a coloured Petri net
tool so it probably isn't.


 M> What you save in such an approach is messing around with files to
 M> read in and such ugly things like fileformats and so on. ....and
 M> say it goes boom at some point you are left with some MB of junk
 M> files around...nonono.

huh?  I didn't get that one.  How is reading data from a file related
to moving bend-points around?  I need to get the bend points somehow,
and right now I read all my data from a set of xml files (I haven't
gotten around to writing a proper editor for my tool yet).  Once I
have read in my data it shouldn't really matter where I got them from.


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