Re: [gtk-list] DataBase

Pablo -

Whenever I've got a relatively small database (which is seemingly
too often :) I do one of three things: either store records fixed
length in a file and use fseek() to access them, read certain fields
into an array and use qsort() and bsearch() to access them (== a
quick and dirty quasi-btree; performance is quite good); if I'm
feeling adventurous or bored, use C++ STL collection classes to
accomplish the same thing; or just put them in text files and
scan them with strtok() or lex, depending upon the complexity of
the search.

All three ways work quite well, even up around 10K 256-byte
records.  If you want, I'll send you the source I usually cut,
copy and mess with to get what I'm trying to do done.

I've found using a record manager or database to be more of a pain
in the neck than its worth most of the time when my record set
is relatively small, and I'm not doing anything horrifically
fancy with it.  When I do use a database, my personal preference
runs towards Oracle because its really, really fast and the C API
is pretty staightforward.  Most of the better-known packages perform
pretty well, though, and as far as I'm concerned to a large degree
its a matter of personal preference.

- Larry Morley

Pablo Fernández Navarro wrote:
> Hi there!
> I'm trying to make a new e-mail client with GTK and C (just for
> integrating my knowleadge), and I wish to use a DataBase to make the
> access to each E-Mail faster.
> Could anyone tell me which DataBase should I use?
> --
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