Window(manager) border inconsistency


I have a Gtk-- (C++ wrapper) based application which is mysteriously 
displaying differences in the way the window manager decorates/frames 
the window. The Gtk-- folks suggested I ask here as they;re not sure 

While playing around with my app, I've noticed that depending on 
if I have a popup menu vs. a traditional menu, the window border (as 
generated by the window manager) differs. To see what I mean, take 
a look at

Does anybody have any ideas what might be causing this? I'm not 
aware of anything in my code that I would hold accountable for this 
difference. The interesting thing though is, that I don't seem to have 
any code in my application which sets any WM hints. Could this be an
inadvertant result of something else I'm doing (ie: > setting styles, etc.)?

--> Robert

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