File selection and its window

Am I right in thinking that a file selection widget is always contained
in a window?

The other selection widgets (color,font etc) can be used as a widget or
in a dialog but the file selection always builds a window too. This
seems a little inconsistent.

If the file selection could be changed to match the other selection
widgets then it could be used in a gnome dialog or an application
defined dialog. Used in a gnome dialog, it would improve the consistency
of the gnome interface as well as allowing the gnome_dialog_run() et al
helper functions to be used.

I realise that this would break a _lot_ of code so I'm simply raising it
as an idea.

Cheers, Matt.

Matt Goodall             |  Isotek Electronics Ltd
email:  |  Claro House, Servia Road
Tel: +44 113 2343202     |  Leeds, LS7 1NL
Fax: +44 113 2342918     |  England

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