Re: [gtk-list] How to let GtkWindow support XIM?

[ this questions is probably most suitable for gtk-i18n-list ]

"hj" <> writes:

> Only GtkEntry and GtkText support XIM. I connected callback functions to
> realize, unrealize, focus in, focus out, size allocate event of GtkWindow.
> But it cann't work. How to connect signals? Will all the Gtk widget support
> XIM in Gtk+2.0?

I'd need details of what you are trying to do and what problems you
are seeing to comment more exactly, but to speak in general terms:

You should be able to use a GdkIC with almost any GTK+ widget, but if
you aren't using a widget with preexisting IM support, such as GtkText
or GtkEntry, then you will have to duplicate much of the work that
these widgets do. (If you only want root-window support and not
over-the-spot support, the amount of code you need to write is
considerably less.)

The next version of GTK+ (probably 1.4, not 2.0) will have
significantly enhanced and modified IM support to support on-the-spot
input and other such features. IM method support is meant to work with
widgets that do editing of text, so I still don't imagine it will work
with widgets such as GtkWindow or GtkButton without applications
adding code.


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