Hello gtk-world

  I have released SoFree-3.0 
 and SoGtk-1.0. SoFree is an Inventor clone
 that I have developped that runs both on
 Windows/NT and X11/UNIXs. 

  SoGtk is a gtk+ binding for Inventor
 (which is why I come here to annouce it).

  I have used the gtkglarea (1.2.2) widget 
 of Janne Lof to have Inventor kernel 
 running in some gtk+ widget. 
  It works great ; both on Windows/NT
 (with Visual OpenGL and gtk+-dev-20000215)  
 and on most of the X11/UNIXs with
 I have at hand (gtk+-1.2.7 on Linux, 
 OSF1, HP-UX, SunOS).

  The great thing (?) is that it works with
 SoFree but also with the commercial 
 TGS-Inventor kernel (the pure OpenGL
 things of it).

  If your are not aware of Inventor I can
 explain a little bit the job. Inventor had been
 designed to isolate the GUI toolkit
 related things in a standalone library.
 Mainly Silicon Graphic & TGS-Inventor come 
 with one binding for Xt/Motif : it is the SoXt classes.

  But most of the rendering things are 
 independant of this library (what I am 
 calling the Inventor kernel) and rely 
 over OpenGL (glXxx not glX wgl things).

  From the code of SoFree/SoXt things and 
 with the gtkglarea widget of Janne 
 it has been easy to do some "SoGtk" wrapping.

  Then, with Mesa, gtk+, gtkglarea, SoFree 
 it is possible now to have in a FREE way
 a full GUI portable environment (Windows/NT
 and X11/UNIXs) able to integrate 
 some "standard" high level 3D graphic 
 (is Inventor a standard ?). 

  The pointers for SoFree and SoGtk are :  (see SoGtk item).

 or directly for SoGtk :


    Guy Barrand

Guy Barrand                   e-mail:
LAL                           Tel: +33 (1) 64 46 84 17
Universite de Paris-Sud       Fax: +33 (1) 69 07 94 04
B.P 34
91898 ORSAY CEDEX France
CERN                          Tel:  41 22 76 76990 (B02-R005)

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