Re: [gtk-list] "Features" in Gtk

On 18 Mar 2000, Count Zero wrote:

> Accelerators don't work when the focus is on a GtkEntry widget of any
> type.  Now, I understand that some might argue that in a GtkEntry that
> the keyboard is used for entry, and it SHOULD block accelerators.  BUT,
> accelerators are "normally" non-printing type characters... ctrl-a, alt-x
> etc... These don't actually do anything in the GtkEntry widget anyway (no
> ^C pops up when I hit ctrl-c, nor is any "invisible" character in the
> buffer) so... why block these accelerators? no reason to, and it makes it
> very hard to create a Gtk app usable without a mouse.  (Yeah some people
> want that sort of thing.. especially if it's an e-mail client.. they
> don't like to remove their hands from the keyboard.)

you may try the solution i posted about text widgets in
"Re: How to catch accelerators", i.e. let the entries key_press_event
method return FALSE.

> -Count Zero


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