GtkHTML Widget questions

I know the GtkHTML widget is under development, but I am bullheaded and
am attempting to write an application around it anyway.  So far I am
having good luck with everything, but I am currently doing all http-get
operations in a single thread.

Now, I do make calls to gtk_main_iteration() when event are pending and
this is working fairly well.  But, I would really like to just fork off
all the http requests to seperate threads so my application can get on
with life while the transfers are going down.  Here is where I run into
problems.  It appears that I cannot send data to the GtkHTML widget from
the child process.  Calls to gtk_html_write fail with Gdk-ERROR **:
BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
  serial 5544 error_code 3 request_code 2 minor_code 0
type messages when called from the child.  I seem to remember that
fork()'ed children cannot access Gtk widgets.  So, how would I go about
forking a child that would send data back to the main application and
when done, the main app could then dump that data to the gtk_html_write()
call... maybe this is an inapproprate place to post this, as this may be
more fork() related then Gtk related, but I would appreciate any help...
Feel free to respond via e-mail if you think a list post would be

-Count Zero


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