Re: [gtk-list] Re: gdk_threads_enter is not reentrant

>It sounds like you've never encountered this problem.  How do you
>avoid it in your own multithreaded programs?  If you don't write many
>multithreaded programs, then please take my advice: this feature
>really is necessary in some situations.

Its only necessary in situations where you have more than 1 thread
that needs to use GDK/GTK. Many multithreaded programs are not
structured this way, and so never have any need to call
gdk_threads_enter(). In other programs, the lock is held for only very
short amounts of time; no recursive calls are necessary, and the main
GUI thread just blocks while the other thread is busy - things
continue on very rapidly afterwards.

As I noted to you in private mail, I think that you have a more
specific problem - you have an extended computation to do while
generating an image, and you wish to use GDK/GTK resources while doing
it. I must admit that I can't see a way to do this, but it might be
profitable to think about the problem from the other end: just what it
is it that is forcing you to make recursive thread_enter calls, and
can it be avoided with some other kind of code design ?


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