Highspeed pixmaps ?!?

Hi there,

I have to scroll a very large scenario in a drawing area.
The scenario is created by many pixmaps squares (32 x 32 pixels) every
0.3 seconds.
Its like a game scrolling routine. I must really copy all squares every
0.3 seconds, because a changing of all square graphics in only one frame
is possible ! After creating the background, I put "sprites" over it.
I am using double buffering.Its really like an old amiga game scrolling
My problem is now, that this takes too much time even on very fast
Is it possible to use perhaps something like OpenGL under gtk or gtk--
in a drawing area widget to solve my speed problem ? Is it possible with
OpenGL to copy only 2d graphics very fast in a gtk drawing area ?
Is it possible to use OpenGL only for my drawing area widget and all
other things like toplevel-window, menus, toolbars etc. can be unchanged
?? Or is there any other possibility to copy pixmaps or other formats
like color bitmaps very fast on a gtk drawing area ??


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