hello everyone,

a new release of BEAST/BSE is available at:

new screenshots, changelogs, etc are available at:

plenty of work has been put into this new version,
so BEAST is coming closer to ALPHA stage ;)
the highlights of this release include new synthesizer modules
submitted by David A. Bartold and major GUI improvements.

though we have received a few icons so far, BEAST's GUI is still
in desperate lack of various icon submisisons. if the placholder
icons [?] annoy you enough, sit down, or get one of your firends
to sit down, and create some decent icons.
submissions are greatly apprechiated.

for the more adventurous ones, BEAST also lacks a decent logo. so
if anyone feels like drawing up a cool BEAST with BSE (having some
musical tendencies), that may earn you an email alias at,
magnificent fame and of course immense personal satisfaction ;)
(plus a couple of beers if you come around to GUADEC ;)

Overview of Changes in BEAST/BSE 0.3.2:

* Songs have a pattern play list now that can be altered
* Major overhaul of the mixing engine which is now agressively
  optimized and contains all necessary means for effect
* Synthesis tools palette for the synthesis network router and
  many other GUI improvements
* Enabled procedure support for the pattern editor to supply
  spreadsheet like editing facilities
* New synthesis modules:
  BseMixer       - mix 4->1 channels with adjustable volumes
  DavOrgan       - a modifiable Additive Organ Synthesizer
  DavSynDrum     - a synthesized drum generator
  DavCanyonDelay - adds deep, long delay echo effects
  DavBassFilter  - TB-303 low-pass resonant filter clone
* Pattern editor keytable display
* Simple sample views for samples used in a project
* More test files in the test/ subdirectory ;)
* Vast amounts of code cleanups and bug fixes ;)

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       those who want to stay informed about new releases, subscribe
       yourself to or]


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