Gapped Text Buffer

	For those who are interested, I have written an Emacs-like gapped
text buffer in the Glib style.  It was inspired by the GtkText, but this
is all-original code, and is much cleaner/maintainable/safe.

	It's called "GdkBufferGap".  The "Gdk" is because one of the
supported data types is a GdkWChar, which requires Gdk.  Otherwise I would
have called it "GBufferGap".  See for info on how a
buffer gap works.


o  Supports guchar, GdkWChar, and adding support for other element types
   will be very easy (GUChar will take <5 mins to implement :).  Grep
   "DATATYPE code" for all type-specific source code...

o  Fully encapsulated (all struct members are to be considered private)

o  Allows direct (readonly) access to both the left- and right- data sides
   of the buffer, for direct interaction with GNU regex.c or
   application-level buffer mucking.

o  Automatically grows the buffer for you

o  Allows you to set the buffer growth size (for tweaking)

o  Allows you to shrink the buffer (for app-level performance tweaking)

	I plan to use this as the text data storage for my upcoming text
widget.  It could/should be useful for any application which needs to
interactively edit a large number of elements (i.e., text editors).

	It has only been briefly tested, but I think it all works.  I will
test it thoroughly once i have an interactive, visual text-widget to look
at.  Hardcore testing with g_print() is just too time consuming.

	If anyone actually looks at this, I'm open to API changes or
additions.  I have attached the 6K zip file with the source.  I do not
have anyone locally to peer-review this code, so criticism is much

Derek Simkowiak

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