Re: [gtk-list] Re: GAllocator vs. g_free (was: GMemChunk for skiplists)

> > 	I have recently learned that free() (or g_free() ) does not return
> > the freed memory to the operating system until after the program is
> > killed. 
> This depends on whether your malloc package is smart enough to call sbrk()
> to release totally unused pages, and whether your operating system
> understands how to do it.

	Got it now.  From what I understand, GNU free() will return the
memory to Linux if the size of the malloc()ed RAM is much larger than a
page size, otherwise it lets your program hang on to it.

	I have received many detailed responses to my RAM questions and I
sincerely appreciate it.  I wasn't expecting to get so many
responses--since this is really offtopic, I'd like to ask that any future
responses be sent to me privately (to kill this offtopic thread).

Thank You,
Derek Simkowiak

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