ANNOUNCE: snapshot of Tk text widget port


For some weeks I've been working on a port of the Tk text widget to
GTK+. Right now the port is pretty much working; I'm fairly happy with
the API, and most nontrivial features are complete. There's some little
polishing to do still, but the widget should be usable, modulo bugs.

Remaining major changes to be made:
 - Write documentation
 - Anonymous text marks
 - Pango-ization

If people want to start trying the widget out and sending me bug
reports, I'd appreciate it. Patches are good too, most of the TODO 
items mentioned in the README are pretty simple to implement. 

You can get the widget here:

Before you follow up to this announce with questions about features,
please read the README since it will likely answer your
question. Also, follow up to gtk-list only, not gnome-announce-list.

This is an ALPHA SNAPSHOT, so while I'd encourage people to try it
out, find bugs, and send patches, don't use it in your
mission-critical application.


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