ANNOUNCE gtkextext-0.0.20

Announce GtkExText 0.0.20!

This will hopefully be a better widget than the old GtkText widget 
This widget is not any part of the the GTK+ dist. 
So please don't send bugreports to the GTK+ Team.
They're not responsable for gtkextext bugs :-) 
You should send bugreports/patches to me <>

There is also a syntax highlight widget and an test application
showing how the widget works.

news/changes in GtkExText 0.0.20

* Mostly bugfix release fixing segfault when removing text with 
* killed some compile warnings
* added dos keybindings support patch by Chris Phelps 

future plans:

* Merge GtkExText with GtkEditor??
* possibilities to set hotspots on text regions. (Good for source 
* implement wide char (i18n) support using pango( 
* possibilities to insert images (This needs a rewrite of line API)
* Better linewrap support..


Mikael Hermansson <>


Totally free Linux/Windows applications at:

Country: Sweden 
City: Kristianstad
ICQ: 64150878

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