Re: Keys in gtk 1.2.8

On Fri, 30 Jun 2000, Dennis Bjorklund wrote:

> If you have a entry widget where all the text is selected and I press
> right I would expect the selection to disapear and the cursor to be at
> the right limit of the selection. Similary with left of course.

  As for GtkEntry - the selection will be cleared, but the cursor won't jump
to oposite side of former selection. I think this is more intuitive than
windows' behaviour (of jumping to oposite end of former selection).
> If the cursor is already on the last position and I press right then
> nothing happens at all. The selection does not disapear like it do if
> the cursor is not on the last position.

  Yes, I think that selection should disappear in this case - it's more

> To me this looks like bugs rather then by design.
> Then I wonder if there is any keys to jump to the next word (windows
> uses shift-arrow, but we select with shift-arrow). If there isn't any,
> then why not? Some people are really used to move the cursor one word
> at the time.

  What are you talking about? You can't move by words with shift-arrow under
windows - you can do it using control-arrow (and this works fine with gtk

 In general, my impression is that .gtkrc syntax should be slightly extended
to allow setting options (that control behaviour, not appearance). I guess
this isn't done yet since authors wished to override options by widget class
(using pattern matching) like other widget sets that use X resources, but that
would require a lot of efforts, so the implementation of this was postponed.

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