Re: Thoughts about Kde, Gnome, and Staying Neutral (Was gtk-term widget?)

Matthew wrote:
> >Ultimately I guess what I'm saying here is we can't do anything about
> >the current status quo, so why let it bug us?
> No.  If we remain silent about an issue that we feel is wrong, then "we
> can't do anything about" it.  If you make your opinion known, and register a
> complaint, perhaps someone involved will take action.  They probably will not,
> but at least the opposing opinion is out there for them to deal with.

But is it wrong? You've got a bunch of guys coding on their own time for
their own purposes. They don't have to provide their code, but they do.
It sounds to me (And correct me if I'm wrong) that you're saying that
this development process is wrong and should be changed in some way. But
the dev teams in question don't owe any of us anything, so how could we
modify this process without destroying the freedom it gives us?

Assuming I understand you correctly, wouldn't you find it annoying if I
came in and told you you had to use a specific set of libraries to
implement your project, even if you considered that to be
counterproductive to your project?

Which is not to say I don't advocate suggestions. Lists such as this one
are an excellent resource of ideas, some of which will make it in to the
code and some of which won't. But they should always (IMHO) be
considered suggestions and it should always come down to the guys
writing the code and leading the team to make the final decisions as to
what goes in and what doesn't. Given the massive amount of chaos this
process should be generating, it's amazing how well it works.

Bruce Ide                                  
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