Re: gtk+ on IBM AIX

On Wed, 07 Jun 2000 17:19:23 +1000, ALLA Raphael said:
> I'll download gtk+-1.2.7 tomorrow, but I have a question: what is
> bos.rte.bind_commands
> How do I know if it is already installed?

lslpp -L bos.rte.bind_commands

The latest for 4.3.2 is (not .6, it was waaay too late ;)

AIX fixes are available for free:

> I tracked down a bit the problem, and it seems to come from a linker
> problem: when calling the function gdk_init_check, it work fine from a
> program but the call from within gtk_init_check actually causes a core dump.

This sounds suspiciously like the '-brtl' problem - even after installing
the bind_commands fix, .so format shared libs won't run without being linked
with -brtl flag.

Tracking this down is currently on my to-do list - the -brtl flag is a
royal pain, and hopefully I can talk 'libtool' into playing nice...

Film at 11. ;)


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