Re: Pushing text onto the selection buffer writes:
> Is it possible with GTK/GDK calls to push text onto the selection buffer
> so someone may paste it?

Certainly. The source for GtkEditable is a decent example of how to do
this from a widget (see gtkeditable.c). Without a widget, things 
are pretty similar.

This should be helpful:

Also, look at the ICCCM, which is a manual that comes with the X
Window System. Look in /usr/doc or /usr/share/doc on many Linux
distributions, or poke around on

The X window system selection API is asynchronous. It works like this:

 - you ask for the selection which means you say "I want to own the
   selection". Note that you have to specify which selection 
   you mean; the normal two are PRIMARY (which is the one 
   you use if the user highlights text but doesn't explicitly 
   cut/copy) and CLIPBOARD (use this for explicit cut/copy/paste).

 - If you get the selection, other apps can now ask you for the
   selected data. When they do you get a signal (selection_get) and
   you must put your selection data in the GtkSelectionData passed to
   your callback using gtk_selection_data_set().

 - There's a selection_clear signal which you get when someone 
   else grabs the selection (that is, the user did a copy/cut in 
   another app or widget); at that point you can delete your 
   selected text since no one will be asking for it.


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