Re: [gtk-list] Text 1 pixel low in clist

    I wrote,

>    It looks to me as though GTK+'s clist (1.2.6) is displaying text 1
> below where it should be.

   Further investigation shows that the problem is that the ascent and
descent fields of GdkFont are sometimes smaller what is actually covered by
the characters when drawn and also the ascent and descent returned by

 gdk_string_extents(, "(){}g",
                    &lbearing, &rbearing, &width, &ascent, &descent);

   I have played with the configuration of the font server, xfstt, and have
moved the problem out of some sizes only for it to reappear in other sizes.

   Are the GdkFont fields meant to be used this way or are they an
approximation that normally gives OK results?

   Or is this all a bug in the font server?


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