ANNOUNCE: Glade-Perl 0.46

Hi all,

I have just uploaded perl module Glade-Perl-0.46.tar.gz to CPAN

and it is already available on my websites.

Glade-Perl generates perl source code from a Glade file - Glade is Damon
Chaplin's beautiful Gtk+/Gnome UI builder. 

Glade-Perl can display the UI as it is built and/or generate source code 
and it can be called directly from Glade's 'Build' button. It can also
generate code to use libglade if you prefer.

This version copes with changes in Gtk-Perl-0.7000 and a wierdness in user
(non-root) installations of perl 0.5005. It is a double jump in version
numbers from 0.44 as Gtk-Perl-0.7000 is now publically available. You will
need this new version if you have upgraded to Gtk-Perl-0.7000.

Regards, Dermot

snipped from the Changelog:
Tue Jan  4 03:38:01 GMT 2000 - Dermot Musgrove <>
  - Version 0.46
  - Added check for Gnome::Stock if allow_gnome is set
  - PerlUI->get_versions() now caters for CPAN versions interspersed with CVS
    dates so that versioning works correctly.
  - PerlUI->internal_pack_widget() will generate 'pack_expand' for Gtk-Perl
    versions before CPAN 0.7000 (CVS 20000102) as before.
Thu Dec 30 00:55:33 GMT 1999 - Dermot Musgrove <>
  - Version 0.45
  - All uses of @ARG replaced by the short form @_ to allow perl 5.005 to 
    work in all cases (was a problem for perl installations in $HOME)
    Thanks to  Eric Richardson <> for this solution.
  - PerlUI->set_window_properties changed to generate set_default_size()
    instead of set_usize() following Havoc's comments on gtk-list. Also a 
    new warning if a toplevel window x, y (uposition) are specified in 
    Glade file.
  - PerlUI->set_window_properties() changed to use set_policy instead of
    allow_shrink(), allow_grow(), auto_shrink() setters.
  - PerlRun->message_box() changed for same reasons.
  - PerlUI->internal_pack_widget doesn't check the Gtk::Window->type() now
  - PerlUI->internal_pack_widget changed for Gtk::Packer->add_defaults() to 
    supply 'expand' and not 'pack_expand' as before.

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