gtk_combo_set_item_string ???

Hi ALL :-)

First of all, thanks A LOT to all that have replied to my last question,
more specifically, Adrian Feiguin, Carlos Pereira, John Cupitt and Oliver
Schulze. And thanks for the very good lession on how (not) to handle
global variables, Carlos! ("Muito obrigado!" :-)

I have now a simple question (hopefully): anyone of you guys has an idea,
how to use the function

	gtk_combo_set_item_string	(GtkCombo *combo,
					 GtkItem *item,
					 const gchar *item_value)

? I think I need to use it, cause the strings in my combo entries are not
simple labels, and I'd like to use an enumerated type to control the
output of a switch statement with them. As stated, I'd like to change,

	"32-Bit Hex - C Style" to 32BIT_HEX_C_STY

and then make something like 

	    case 32BIT_HEX_C_STY:

Can anyone of you guys give me an excerpt of code that illustrates how the
gtk_combo_set_item_string works or give me any other idea on how to make

Again, thanks a lot in advance!

Rafael (8-)

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