Resizing questions

Hi all,

While playing with GTK+, I wrote a small application that displays a
dialog containing a scrolled window, which in turn contains a table of
buttons (Looks like minesweeper, doesn't it. Nope, it's a `game of
life' variant).

- The default config is a table of 20x20 buttons which are
  gtk_widget_set_usize'd to 16x16. When I used the default table
  options, the buttons would resize according to the window size. This
  takes *several seconds* on my PIII 450. Is there a workaround like
  freezing the output until the datastructures have been reorganized?

- How can I obtain a window that has an initial size which is big
  enough to display the entire table?

- How can I suppress resizing if the window is big enough (=the
  entire table fits in the window)

Thanks a lot,
	  Some operating systems are called `user friendly',
		  UNIX however is `expert friendly'.

	   Marcus Harnisch <>

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