ANNOUNCE: Glade-Perl 0.49

Hi all,
I have just uploaded perl module Glade-Perl-0.49.tar.gz to CPAN

and it is already available on my websites.

Glade-Perl generates perl source code from a Glade file - Glade is Damon
Chaplin's beautiful Gtk+/Gnome UI builder. 

Glade-Perl can display the UI as it is built and/or generate source code 
and it can be called directly from Glade's 'Build' button. It can also
generate code to use libglade if you prefer.

Regards, Dermot

snipped from the Changelog:
Thu Feb 24 22:57:47 GMT 2000 - Dermot Musgrove <>
  - Version 0.49
  - PerlSource - some more diagnosticas and write_LIBGLADE() improved
  - PerlRun->create_pixmap() changed to look relative to current dir
  - PerlRun::pixmaps_directory new global to hold pixmaps directory for all
    references to pixmaps. Set this once in your app to relocate modules.
  - Example application updated, simplified and made clearer.
  - PerlUI->use_par() all apostrophes in returned text now backslash escaped.
  - PerlRun->missing_handler() message corrected.
  - PerlUI->internal_pack_widget() and PerlGtk->new_GtkNotebook() amended to
    use a work structure rather than a single set of variables to keep track
    of notebook pages/tabs so that a notebook can be constructed on another 
    notebook's page. Thanks to Frank de Lange for finding this bug.
  - PerlUI->Widget_from_Proto() amended to construct hierarchical hashes of
    hashes to reference the widgets by form structure.
  - glade2perl regexp fixed to handle 'funny' project file names
  - PerlProject->use_Glade_Project() spaces, minuses and dots removed from 
    project name so that we end up with valid package names
  - PerlUIGtk->new_GtkMenubar() shadow_type new default 'out' (Glade-0.5.6)
  - Documentation/Gtk-Perl-Docs.html new file updated with details of of the 
    new and converted from .txt to HTML file.
  - Some changes to improve the LIBGLADE module code generation
  - PerlUI->new_signal() fixed to check for LIBGLADE type use_modules
  - PerlUI->new_from_child_name() fixed to handle toolbar buttons without
    icons or pixmaps. Now they are added just with the text. Code tidied too.
  - PerlUI->new_from_child_name() error reported for Gnome stock pixmaps in
    a non-Gnome project but added as text-only rather than failing.
  - PerlSource->perl_signal_handler() new sub to generate signal handlers in
    a fairly standard format.
  - Many widget names single quoted in Glade-Perl so 'funny' names don't 

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