Re: [gtk-list] Resizing widgets with a mouse

I guess you're asking 'is there a Windows like MDI interface for GTK+'.

The short answer is no. MDI (the MS way) is considered evil UI design.

There are alternatives within GTK:
 o Multiple top-level windows
 o GtkNotebook
 o GtkPaned


On Wed, Feb 23, 2000 at 11:07:15PM -0500, Steven M. Campbell wrote:
> How does one go about resizing widgets with the mouse?
> I have a window with a fixed-layout widget (I'm assuming this is a good start) with several
> framed widgets each containing a scrolled window.   I'd like the user to be able to treat
> these frame widgets (or whatever widget I need wrap the whole thing in) to work same way
> windows do, that is, drag a corner to resize, drag the title to move (or whatever close
> equivalent there may be).  I've 'manually' resized them using gtk_container_set_usize and all
> works well but I'm starting starting to feel like Rube Goldberg thinking through ways to get
> the mouse interaction working.  Is there an easy way to do this or had I start rereading the
> "Writing a GTK Widget" chapter?  ;-)

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