I have noticed that many GTK/GNOME-programs are lacking the important
complement to mouse-only operation: acceleratorkeys.

To make the situation a little better, I've decided to make my programs
usable even without a mouse.

Question 1:

Imagine a typical Yes-No dialog. Pressing enter will have the same effect
as clicking on yes. Pressing escape will equal no.

This works:

gtk_widget_add_accelerator (ok_button, "clicked",
			    accel_group, GDK_ISO_Enter, 0, 0);

I want to close the dialog by pressing escape...
But this code causes a GTK-warning to be printed:

gtk_widget_add_accelerator (dialog, "delete-event",
			    accel_group, GDK_Escape, 0, 0);

Why can't I do that?

Question 2:

I have a table with label-entry -pairs. The labels have underlined letters
that indicates the shortcut to move focus to the corresponding entry.

Should these accelerator require a modifier (ie GDK_MOD1_MASK) like
menus do? 



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