Re: [gtk-list] Re: how do i set the tooltip color?

David Benson <> writes:
> Except that I think they get the same style as
> popup windows.  That tends to give low constrast in
> most themes.  (Indeed basically all the time)
> Would a patch to add 
>   GdkColor tooltip_fg;
>   GdkColor tooltip_bg;
>   GdkGC   *tooltip_fg_gc;
>   GdkGC   *tooltip_bg_gc;
> to GtkStyle be acceptable?
> (So that tooltips could be themed separately...)

Tooltips are already separately themeable the same way other things
are; the themes get "tooltip" for the hint argument to all the theme
drawing functions and could special-case tooltips.

Also the tooltips window has the name "gtk-tooltips" which allows you 
to set the tips color from an rc file. 

Here's how you make the default tooltips color yellow in an rc file, 
Red Hat does this by default:

 style "gtk-tooltips-style" {
   bg[NORMAL] = "#ffffc0"

 widget "gtk-tooltips" style "gtk-tooltips-style"

You can do this for yourself in ~/.gtkrc or in a theme in the theme's
gtkrc file.


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