Re: [gtk-list] opening modal windows from the "button-press-event"handler for clist

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Paul Barton-Davis wrote:

> > Here is problem I have. I need to handle right clicks in clist (right
> >click is used as "marking" in my app - "marked" items change color). It's
> >disallowed to mark some items in the clist in my app so I want to pop up a 
> >modal error window when user tries to mark such items. But with 
> >straightforward implementation, just creating modal window freezes X server
> >(if this code is executed from console, it's possible to kill this app - 
> >beware!). A stripped down code I use is at the end of the message.
> My guess is that it hasn't really killed the X server, but has just
> left in the middle of a server grab (whereby the X server attempts to
> always deliver a button release event to the same window that the
> button was delivered to).

 Yes, it's a server grab.
> Depending on your window manager, there are other ways to "recover"
> from this situation, but that won't help the code.
> As a simple test, try doing the same stuff with the button release event.

  No server grab in that case, but the window with the list stops receiving
any messages.

> --p

 Best regards,

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