RE: [gtk-list] Re: Unidentified subject!

Hi Erik,

Unexpectedly received you response, it is really thoughtful.
Appreciate your efforts and thanks alot.


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Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2000 5:35 PM
Subject: [gtk-list] Re: Unidentified subject!

On Thu, 03 Feb 2000 09:42:18 +0800, nixien wrote:
> mail -s unsubscribe < /dev/null

Two remarks:

- This should be done on the commandline, not in the message.
- This won't work with Micro$oft Outlook.

Bottom line: you need a Linux/Unix box to use this trick. Mere mortals
should send an empty message with subject "unsunscribe" to .


There was a point to this story, but it has temporarily escaped the
croniclers mind. -- Douglas Adams, The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

To unsubscribe: mail -s unsubscribe < /dev/null

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