Re: File section widget that filters?

Derek Simkowiak <> writes:

> 	It is a work in progress.  We're hoping to have the code done for
> Gtk+ 2.0.

Wow, this is great.  The current widge is a little wack.

 1. There ought to be a way to display directories and files that
    begin with a dot.  I mean, there's really no way for a developer
    to know for a fact that I don't want to open a file in a .dir

Oh, wait maybe it's not totally wack.  I just tried to duplicated the
behavior I was getting the other day.  (When I typed in a directory
name in the selection and hit return it would close the dialog, but I
would be in the directory if I reopened it.)  It turns out that xmps
does this but xmms does the correct thing (change into the dir and
wait for more input.)  I wonder what the xmps progammers did wrong?
Maybe the widget could be more bulletproof.

There is one other problem that's demonstrated in xmms but not the
gimp.  When I type a dir into the selection in xmms I have to
terminate it with a / or the file selector doesn't do the write thing.
The gimp gets this write.  I think the widget should do the correct
thing automatically because if you make people re-implement stuff
they'll sometimes get it wrong.


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