Re: Documentation about the GTK+ Standard Args

Andrew Ferguson wrote:
> [ I posted this to some time ago and
> recieved little response, hence I have reposted it here; perhaps
> someone on this list will tell me if what I have done is a good, bad,
> or ugly thing. Thanks.]
> Hi,
> In the GTK+ tutorial, it is mentioned that there are several standard
> arguments that GTK+ accepts (the one's parsed for by
> gtk_init(&argc, &argv) ).
> I was unable to find any documentation on these arguments (except for
> two email messages to the main GTK+ list). So, I have looked in the
> GTK+ code and put up a webpage with my findings, if anyone on the list
> could go to
> and tell me about an errors, additions, etc., I would be most obliged.
> Also, is any of this information wanted by the FAQ or tutorial
> maintainers? Thanks.
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>From the tutorial:

"If you do decide to contribute, please mail your text to Tony Gale, Also, be aware that the entirety of this document is free,
and any addition by you provide must also be free. That is, people may
use any portion of your examples in their programs, and copies of this
document may be distributed at will, etc."

Even though most of these args aren't going to be used too often, it
would be nice to know what they are. Again from the tutorial:

 "Any argument it recognizes from the command line, it removes from the
list, and modifies argc and argv to make it look like they never
existed, allowing your application to parse the remaining arguments."

But what args are removed isn't documented anywhere so the documentation
seems incomplete to someone starting out with gtk+ even though they will
probably never use them.


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