Documentation about the GTK+ Standard Args

[ I posted this to some time ago and
recieved little response, hence I have reposted it here; perhaps
someone on this list will tell me if what I have done is a good, bad,
or ugly thing. Thanks.]


In the GTK+ tutorial, it is mentioned that there are several standard
arguments that GTK+ accepts (the one's parsed for by
gtk_init(&argc, &argv) ).

I was unable to find any documentation on these arguments (except for
two email messages to the main GTK+ list). So, I have looked in the
GTK+ code and put up a webpage with my findings, if anyone on the list
could go to

and tell me about an errors, additions, etc., I would be most obliged.
Also, is any of this information wanted by the FAQ or tutorial
maintainers? Thanks.

Andrew Ferguson |
Tintin Webring:

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