Re: GDK "root" GtkObject?

-> ->  Please report whether this worked.
-> 	Nope, not working.  Here is the code I tried:

	Got it!  Whoohoo!

	Looking through gtk_main_do_event() in gtkmain.c I found the
following comment:

  /* Find the widget which got the event. We store the widget
   *  in the user_data field of GdkWindow's. [...] */

	So *that* is how GTK+ corresponds a particular X event to a
particular GtkWidget.  The GdkWindow has a pointer to the GtkWidget, and
the GtkWidget has a pointer to the GdkWindow.  Groovy.

	Adding this line:

    window->user_data = widget; the earlier code makes it work.  Yeehaw!  Now I should be
able to do re-draws on exposes correctly.

	Thanks for your help!

--Derek Simkowiak

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