Re: Mixing gtk & qt Widgets on a single Window

Thomas Kuhn wrote:

> I would like to put some qt Widgets on a Window with gtk Widgets. The Frame should be created using gtk. In qt there is are classes called QXtWidget and QXtApplication which are written to support this. But they need a Xt handle passed to them :-(
> As far as i know gtk & glib are using xlib, not the xt toolkit.
> Is there a possibillity to create such a Window with gtk & qt widgets in it ?

I never tried something like that, although I intended to mix Xlib and GTK
programs. Haven't done that yet, so no experience.

However, it should be possible to have them both if each one lives in a
separate thread and has its own Display structure. You can use pipes
to pass data between threads. You could probably use one global mutex
instead, but pipes should be a bit simpler to manage.

Since GTK is the toolkit which manages top-level, I think you should
go the other way round. Create Qt widget, and use its X window id to
plug it into GTK widget using gtk_plug_new() or something like that.

Keep me informed about your progress, please.

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