Re: A problem with gtk+ apps

On Tue, 15 Aug 2000, Rich Shepard wrote:

>   There's an interesting annoyance with all apps that use gtk+ for the UI:
> they prevent the window manager from complying with the -geometry option on
> the command line that invokes the app.
>   I run Xfce/xfwm for the GUI desktop/window manager (version 3.4.4 right
> now). Each task bar button has an associated command line string to invoke
> the application, and each command line uses the -geometry option to size and
> place the window. This works just fine with aterms, pine, Navigator, Xess,
> WordPerfect and so on. But, j-pilot (the PalmPilot desktop appliance)
> ignores the settings. According to Judd Montgomery, j-pilot's author, this
> holds true for other gtk apps, too.
>   It would be very nice to have gtk apps honor that command line option as
> other apps do. Is this a reasonable request to the developers?

  Every app should provide support for that commandline switch itself. For
some apps, it may not make sense (if they open several windows), other apps
can have constraints on min/max size of window or support slightly different
syntax for geometry. 
  For your convenience you can use a function from gnome-libs
int gnome_parse_geometry(char* geometry,int* x,int* y,int *w,int* h) that will
parse geometry string. It's easy to write function that will use that parsed
information to adjust size and position of the window.

> Thanks,
> Rich

 Best regards,

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