A problem with gtk+ apps

  There's an interesting annoyance with all apps that use gtk+ for the UI:
they prevent the window manager from complying with the -geometry option on
the command line that invokes the app.

  I run Xfce/xfwm for the GUI desktop/window manager (version 3.4.4 right
now). Each task bar button has an associated command line string to invoke
the application, and each command line uses the -geometry option to size and
place the window. This works just fine with aterms, pine, Navigator, Xess,
WordPerfect and so on. But, j-pilot (the PalmPilot desktop appliance)
ignores the settings. According to Judd Montgomery, j-pilot's author, this
holds true for other gtk apps, too.

  It would be very nice to have gtk apps honor that command line option as
other apps do. Is this a reasonable request to the developers?



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