Re: Compilation/use problem

On Tue, 15 Aug 2000 wrote:

> Check to see that 1.2.8 got installed to the same location that 1.2.7 was
> installed previously.  The default location with a vanilla ./configure
> uses /usr/local as the root location (putting the libraries in
> /usr/local/lib)  if 1.2.7 is rooted in /usr then there's gonna be a
> problem.  If the original install is an rpm I suggest removing it before
> compiling/installing the new version.


  I haven't installed via rpm, but by tarball. I guess that my problem boils
down to identifying where the different versions are installed.

  Usually, I do a vanilla ./configure. Yesterday, at the suggestion of a
local user group member, I used the --prefix=/usr switch. I'll try without
it again.
> If you do tell configure to root the install to the same location as the
> previous install, everything should work just fine, however you will still
> have the older libraries available (not a bad thing, but space consuming).

  What command will tell me which libraries are installed, and where each
one is?



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