Re: Geometry mystery

Mark Leisher <> writes:

> I have three widgets in a vbox.  The one on the bottom resizes itself
> occasionally, the top two always stay the same size.  The problem I'm having
> is that this last widget changes to the requested size, but the vbox does not.
> I am using gtk_widget_size_allocate() to do the size change within this last
> widget.  What did I forget?

That you should never call gtk_widget_size_allocate()? (Unless you
are implementing a container widget.)

An application, to change the size of a widget like a drawing
area would typically call gtk_widget_set_usize().

A widget, to change its own size, would call gtk_widget_queue_resize()
on itself, and then when the resize happened, respond to 
::size_request with the new desired size.


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