Re: How to "grey out" items?

On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, David J. Topper wrote:

> Hi all,
> Getting back into GTK again.  Trying to expand my little application
> into different windows and such.  I'm trying to create a "main" window
> which, among other things, establishes a connection to a server
> process.  But once the user clicks on "connect" I want all the other
> widgets (eg., text boxes, range widgets, pulldowns) to be "greyed out"
> so that you can still see values but not edit anything.
> Is this possible?
> Email responses preferred.

 Others already replied that you can use gtk_widget_set_sensitive. 
 Also you can simply pop up the modal window with message something like
"please, wait".
> Thanks,
> DT
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> Technical Director - Virginia Center for Computer Music

 Best regards,

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