Re: Real double-buffering writes:
> I'm using the following:
> gtk+-1.2.8-1
> gtk+-devel-1.2.8-1
> gcc-2.95.2
> kernel-linux-2.2.16.SuSE
> I need to display animated 24-bit data to a ViewPort.  I'm using
> GdkRGB for speed.  When I run my application and click a button in the
> viewport, the image changes quickly.  However, it is painted in
> chunks, starting at the upper-left of the window and finishing at the
> lower-right of the window.  Although the data copies quickly enough
> for my purposes, the window contents do not change instantly.  I want
> to be able to double-buffer.  By this I mean swapping buffers (usually
> this reduces to a pointer swap), not copying a large quantity of data.
> Is this possible with Gdk?

No if you don't want to copy data then you probably want to use
GtkGLArea or the like, OpenGL supports that.

With regular X drawing all you can really do is draw to a pixmap first
then copy the pixmap to the screen, that should happen without
painting chunks.


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